Monday, September 12, 2011

Telling the Family and Due Date

Sorry for the delay in updates, but you know, life happens.

We had found out we were pregnant that last week in June just before the July 4th weekend. For the long weekend, we had already planned a trip home which made for a perfect opportunity to tell our family and close friends.

We arrive late on Friday night to my parent's house and gave them a little present. Earlier in the week I had made a onsie that said "i love my Doogie & DeeDee". These were the grandparent names that we had talked had come up in past conversations with my parents. To say the least they were surprised and thrilled with the news. We told Nick's family by showing them Nick's new ipod and the accompanying baby socks. They were equally surprised and so happy about the news. We asked both family's to keep the news a secret until I got further along in the pregnancy. And they did such a good job holding in such an exciting secret!

At my first appointment the doctor had estimated a due date of Feb 18th which would put me at 7 or 8 weeks for our first sonogram. Well, when this exciting sonogram finally arrive, here's our little baby bean sprout:

Definitely measuring more like 6 or 7 weeks, moving our due date out to March 3rd. Ugh! Another couple more weeks longer in the dreaded first trimester!

Seems like the real 'morning' sickness hit the next week. Who named it that anyways?! More like 'several weeks of all day nausea' sickness! I didn't have it as bad as some; I only tossed my cookies a few times mostly because of my own fault for egging it on by brushing my tongue (a big no-no now days!). Luckily I have an amazing husband who did everything he could to help me out: Cooking dinners, making sudden trips to the store for cokes and mac n' cheese, diligently praying for and encouraging me through out the day. He was a life saver for sure, and made those tough weeks bearable.

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